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Paliganj Times ( पालीगंज टाइम्स ) is an Indian daily news paper, It was founded on 3 March 2013. The founder and CEO of Paliganj times is Mr.Rajat Kumar. Paliganj is his native place and he is very much curious to spread news of Paliganj all over world. He promotes entrepreneurship and wants people to know his native, to know Paliganj. this is why Paliganj times borned.

You might have listen many people saying  this idioms.Its human nature people think that one who study lot or are sincere for studding will give a very good result .They are always an apple of every one’s eyes. Ya I am also satisfied with this to some extend . But it is not always true.

Paliganj Times that gives us lots of news of a small village named Paliganj,It’s history is a proof in it’s shelf.When it was founded that day some one bunked his class and sowed a seed of expectation .An Expectation that makes people of Paliganj who are far from their village  realize that they are Connected with their Home.

It is a story of CEO & Founder of Paliganj Times ( Mr Rajat Kumar ). When he was doing his graduation .That time he was staying very far from his village and always miss the street where he born and play , where he completed  his primary education.One day he bunked his class with his friend.He was sitting silently in his room,His friend asked him what happened Rajat ????

Rajat : Nothing , I am missing my village.I don’t get any news about my village from anywhere.What should i do.
His Friend ( Subodh Kumar ) : You are crazy ( laughing )......After Some time…….
Rajat : Subodh I have a great idea. Why not Build a News site for Paliganj.

Subodh Kumar Sharma : “Sahi hai Yar“ means ya my friend really this is a good idea.

Then both decided the name of domain for news and the result is Paliganj Times.
First part of domain ( Paliganj ) was selected by Mr.Rajat and second part ( Times ) by Mr. Subodh Kumar Sharma.

This is how Paliganj Times borned and helping many people of paliganj to get news of their small village.

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